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Dar Al Ma’arif for Research and Statistics organizes a workshop entitled

25 Sep 2017 0 1508

Dar Al Ma’arif for Research and Statistics organized a workshop entitled “Prioritizing Social and Development Research” in the framework of the Small Grants Project for Social and Development Research which is financed by the al-Dar, in the presence of a number of academics and specialists in this field. At the opening of the workshop,Mr. Abdul Aziz Saleh Jaber, the vice chairman of Dar Al Ma’arif for Research and Statistics and executive director stressed on the importance of such workshops and specialized activities which are the core of the objectives of al-Dar to enable young researchers to find the basics of practical research. He added that the lack of Hadramout governorate and the need for a database in many social and developmental aspects made Dar Al Ma’arif thinking seriously about allocating most of its research and statistics programs to it, wishing success in achieving the goals of the workshop which includes a group of academics and specialists. Dr. Abdullah bin Ghauth, director of the Research and Statistics Department at Dar Al-Ma’arif, gave a presentation on the project and explained its objectives to encourage the scientific research movement in Hadramout and build the capacity of the research youth in the governorate through implementing a number of research programs in the fields of research and development, panels and workshops. The workshop participants were enriched by the discussions and proposals that focused on the reality of social and development research in Hadramout and the priorities of social and developmental research

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