On Thursday, July 12,"> On Thursday, July 12,"/>

In partnership with Dar Al-Ma’arif, the Department of Development Research in the Governorate concludes the workshops

12 Jul 2018 0 1813

On Thursday, July 12, in Makalla, Under the patronage of Maj. Gen. Faraj Salemin Al-Bahssani, the Governor of Hadramout Province, Commander of the Second Military Region, the Department of Administrative Development of Research and Training in partnership with Dar Al-Maarif for Research and Statistics at the Diwan of the Governorate held the final session of the workshps entitled «Return of expatriates and challenge the crisis», as a summary of the previous workshops held from 9 to 7 May 2018

The workshops discussed the economic, social and  security and service aspects, and made several recommendations, most notably establishing an information center and database in the number of expatriates, directing expatriate investments towards the infrastructure sector, easing legal and administrative restrictions and procedures on them, enact laws on real estate and house renting and other recommendations.

At the end of the session, which was attended by a number of directors of all offices, entities, institutions, group of researchers, academics and expatriates. They also honored the leadership of the local authority, workshop organizers and the contributors to this success.

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