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Dar Alma’aref for researches and statistics launches a new study about ” security and hope making in shabwa governorate”

11 Sep 2018 0 858

Dar Alma’aref for researches and statistics has launched a new community  study titled ” security and hope making in Shabwa governorate community vision “which was the margins of establishing The Shabwani Nokhba ( country army led by UAE) which started its first work in Rodhoom district in 2017 after intensive organizing , coordinating and training since 2016and then spreading in four other district Mayfa’ah , Rawdha, Habban , and Alsaeed in 2018.

The circle of researches and statistics director Prof. Abdullah Salem Baghooth confirmed that the study which targeted 6 districts generally aims to :

# evaluating the citizens satisfaction towards the security situation and incidents specifically according to the district , age and sex .

It also aims to identify the citizens satisfaction towards the Anti-terrorism procedures according to the district , age and sex.

It aims to evaluate the citizens feeling about the tribal revenge situations and the possible sloutions and then comparing according to the district , age and sex .

The study in which 602 people participated has mentioned that the majority of participants 71.8 feel that is the situation is generally stable while 73.9 feel that random shooting fire phenomenon has become very rare in weddings . the majority 70.4 confirms that holding guns phenomenon has disappeared while a very weak percent 8.3 in Ataq ( capital of the governorate)feel the security stability which explains the instability in areas not under the control of ALnokhbah . Additionally , 34% of participatns feel the spread of drug dealing and only 33.1 feel the spread of drug dealers and only 39.3 feel the spread of wine when two thirds of participants are discreet of expressing their opinions about the behavioral phenomena which proves that a lot of information about these phenomena is still not known .

The study has clarified that the majority of participants in Habban 96.7 , Rodhoom 99% and Alrawdha 97.7 confirmed no terrorist acts in the three months before the study while 15% only in Ataq said no terrorist acts which proves that terrorist acts still happen from time to time in Ataq ( governorate capital) ; the city in which Alnokhbah is not exist.

The study has reached to many conclusions has shown tha the security stability is general and the phenomenon of holding guns in public places has disappeared which gives hope of stability and social changes . on the level of districts, weakness in security matters  and spread of holding guns in Ataq have been registered ; the only district in which citizens have registered a pessimist look towards all incidents especially assassination, abducting people and unlawfully occupying  the lands and public possessions .

The study has come up with many conclusions , the most important ones are continuity of security procedures performed by Alnokhbah in Mayfa’ah Rodhoom, Habban and Alrawdha and reinforcing it in Alsaeed and having the same copy in the rest of Shabwa districts and building a perfect security system in capital Ataq


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